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What You Must Not Do At An Indian Restaurant

India food tops the list of good food on the planet. No one can say it is tasteless or boring like what other people may have come across. Even if you are not from India, you will enjoy indulging in samosas and aloo gobi with as much fun.

However, there are some rules to be followed if you would like to enjoy Indian food correctly at an Indian buffet restaurant in Kelowna. So, get ready and start learning what you should not do when you get into an Indian restaurant.

You’re Reluctant to Try Eating with Your Hands

Eating with your hands is an enjoyable experience. In times like this, you do not need spoons or forks for every dish. You may just end up awkwardly cutting your flatbreads and stab vegetables with the prongs of the fork, or you can use both hands to take away roti and flawlessly get out everything from kormas to spiced chickpeas. One way to make others think you are from India is to make use of your hands more effectively.

You Ordered Chai by Saying the Words “Chai Tea”

This is a common mistake people tend to make. They may order tea by repeating two words that have the similar meaning. Chai means tea. So, when you want to order chai, simply say “chai.” You do not have to add the word tea behind.

You Ordered “Naan Bread”

You may seem clueless if you request for “naan bread.” Naan is a well-known kind of Indian flatbread that is prepared in a tandoor oven until it finally is ready. In addition, naan is great with tandoori chicken. Again, naan means bread. So just say “naan” and you will be fine!

Chicken Tikka Masala is the Only Dish You Order

Chicken tikka masala is creamy, with the perfect warmth to make your tongue happy. However, there are always other awesome foods on Indian menus. Be sure to try saucy chicken, and never skip other options like pav bhaji, or malai kofta, vegetable dumplings with tomato-y sauce, or goan prawn which is made from coconut and fish. In addition, it has to be taken into account that chicken tikka masala is basically an Indian dish, but was invented by the British.

You Think Everything is a Curry

The word “curry” is another invention that came from the British islands. Curry is a great catch-all term for many mixes from meats to vegetable to lentil recipes. And no one dish consists of curry leaves, but the name curry may make you think so. Most Indian food, like the “curry” saag paneer, is never made with curry leaves or powder. Of course, if you visit an Indian restaurant, there is nary a curry available at a restaurant.

You Use Chutney as a Drop

Chutney is not hummus and Naan is not pita! The bowls of chutney Indian restaurants layout in each desk is not a dip case, as attractive as it might seem to be. Think about chutney more like ketchup, Sriracha, and mustard, condiments that are used to help balance out different flavors of your dish.

You Only Order One Entree

Whoever discovered that variety is the essence of life may have done that while consuming an Indian meal. The cuisine isn’t set up so that one orders their own meal. The best Indian meals are usually shared with everyone on the table. You can get good vegetables, lentils, meat, rice, bread and more. Your plate has to be made of variety. There might be few times in life where you feel like you want to have all you want at a time that is when you take the advantage to enjoy Indian food.