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Vegetarian Foods For Better Workouts

It is widely known that muscle gain is achieved by a significant intake of foods rich in protein. In light of this, it may sound really confusing when someone suggests consuming Indian vegetarian foods for workouts. Most people would not agree with the idea of taking vegetarian foods for workouts. This is because they believe that non-vegetarian diets are the richest source of proteins. Well, this is nothing more than a myth.

The truth is, you can achieve a lot when working out by simply taking vegetarians foods. Body muscle gain does not only depend on protein intake. Consumption of the right quantities of other nutrients is a sure way to achieve muscle gain.

Low fat dairy products

The milk protein profile is quite unique with casein protein and whey protein, which make up about 80 percent and 20 percent of the entire protein composition respectively. Whey protein is known for its digestibility and quality. It is the most recommendable protein supplement for top athletes around the world.

On the contrary, casein has lower digestibility rate. This is a great thing because it helps create balance with the digestion rate for whey. In that case, a body that feeds all whey protein very fast can be supplemented by casein protein for a few hours. In addition, it keeps a good balance of nitrogen in the body. Dairy products are rich calcium, which boost fat loss in the body while making your bones stronger.

Sweet potato

What does sweet potato have to do with vegetarian foods for better workouts? Sweet potatoes are low in calories. They are rich in carbohydrates and will maintain high energy levels in the body during heavy workouts. Moreover, they are rich in fibers that play a major role in burning down fats, boosting muscle gain, keeping a healthy digestive system and controlling your appetite. With a high content of potassium, it also boosts the nervous system and maintains muscle health.


Oats offer you dietary fibers as well as healthy carbohydrates. They help enhance the metabolic rate, which is a good thing because workout sessions are all about performance. You need the energy to go through the entire workout session without giving up along the way. Oats also contain folic acid, biotin, thiamin, iron, and vitamin E.

All these nutrients play a very crucial role in the body. After an intensive workout session, body muscles are usually overworked and some of them may actually have been armed during the workout. These nutrients make the healing process of muscles effective. So the next time you want to work out, you can stop by restaurants in downtown Kelowna for some healthy Indian vegetarian food.


If you are looking for something to help you gain muscle, you should look no further. Nuts have high content of healthy fats and protein. The best nuts include almonds and cashews, which contain fibers, proteins and fats. These three nutrients help you retain some calories after an intense workout session. The good thing about nuts is that they are portable. You can carry them and enjoy them anywhere. For effective results, always take nuts after the workout session. Alternatively, you can have it early in the morning with milk.

There are other vegetarian foods that are really good for workout sessions. These include tofu, beans and legumes, fruits, leafy greens, quinoa, brown rice and cheese. All in all, it takes discipline to work out and achieve body fitness. You may be tempted along the way to veer off and mess up your diet. Sticking to vegetarian foods has numerous benefits that you only get to see after some time. So patience is key in this regard.