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Top 4 Indian Deserts You Might Have Been Missing Out On!

Everyone has a sweet tooth! Desserts are something we all love and are something we can still find room for even after a very filling meal such as Indian chicken curry. Sweet treats are a common sight during any festival or holiday celebrations can be found during Christmas, the New Year as well as many traditional Indian festivals. For example, consuming a piece of mithai (roasted khoya with white sugar balls) is considered an auspicious start to any new event in life such as a wedding or the celebration of the purchase of a new house. Indian desserts may not be that popular outside of India and Indian families and here are 4 delicious Indian desserts you may have been missing out on!



This is a sweet dessert commonly eaten in India. Plain burfi is made with condensed milk along with sugar and is heated until the mixture solidifies. There are many varieties of burfi. Some are made with gram flour while others are made with cashews. There is also a kind of burfi called pista burfi and it is made with pistachios. It is usually served cold and may be flavored with fruit or nuts. Hence, there are many different kinds of textures due to the different ingredients used to make them. This sweet is a common sight in homes and in dessert shops and is a sweet treat for all ages!


Halwa is a general name encompassing many sweet and dense confectionaries served across the Middle East and South of Asia, but still predominantly served in India. Halwa basically means a sweet dessert and can be used to describe two different variations, one being a flour-based halwa and another being nut and butter based halwa.

A flour-based halwa is slightly gelatinous and is usually made from grain flour. The main ingredients of a flour-based halwa are flour, clarified butter and sugar. A nut and butter based halwa has a crumbly texture and is made from sesame paste or other nut butters. The ingredients are nut butter and sugar. Regardless of texture and ingredients, they are delicious and addictive and are usually consumed after meals!


Kheer is a delicious India-based milk pudding. The most popular type of Kheer is rice-based kheers and it is made by cooking rice with milk and sugars until the mixture is thickened. After the mixture has thickened, raisins and nuts can be added as garnish or for extra flavor. There are other kinds of kheer such as vermicelli kheer and fruit kheer. Fruit kheer comprises of dried or fresh fruit and kheers are served at special festivals and religious ceremonies. Kheer is a very tasty dessert and is popular among children. It is also cheap to make!


Kulfis is an Indian ice cream. Delicious and sweet, kulfis can be created using thickened milk, pistachios, cardamom, saffron and sugar. There are other variations of Kulfis such as mango and rose syrup flavored Kulfis, which are quite cheap to make. Decadent and tasty, they are commonly found in Indian restaurants..