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The Top 3 Indian Food Blogs You MUST Start Following!

Have you already experienced the authentic taste of Tandoori Indian cuisine? It’s the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, milestone or corporate event in style. Has it made you want to learn more about Indian food? Well, we think we know of some fantastic blogs that might resonate with your tastes and open your eyes to the wonderful world on Indian cooking. Although it’s far from easy to replicate the exquisite tastes of authentic Tandoori cuisine at home, some blogs are sharing the latest tips. The web is packed full of so many awesome blogs, it’s hard to keep track of them all. If you love the tastes and aromas of Tandoori cuisine, here are the top three blogs you should start following today.

1. Indian Simmer


Prerna is the talented blogger behind Indian Simmer who started the blog after wanting to organize her own recipes.  Indian Simmer is the perfect blog to start with if you want to try and start learning how to cook more Indian food at home. As Prerna writes on her blog ‘I planned to try and make Indian cooking a little more approachable for everyone’ and if you check this blog out, you’ll see how well she’s accomplished this. Prerna’s one of the most engaging Indian food bloggers out there at the moment and her writing style is so accessible that it’s the perfect blog to start learning about Indian cooking.

If you love Tandoori, be sure to read Prerna’s recipe for Tandoori Quesadillas which brings together Indian and Mexican flavors with the help of apple juice and Apple Chutney. It’s one of the most original takes on Tandoori chicken that simply demands to be read. Try the recipe for yourself and discover how exquisitely the flavours can be combined. Prerna got the idea for this Mexican-Indian fusion recipe for a book called The Comfort of Apples and presents it in an easy-to-follow recipe that anyone can try at home!

2. Indian As Apple Pie



If you love aroma of Tandoori chicken and want to know how to recreate it at home, head over to Anuphy’s blog to immerse yourself in the latest recipes and the easiest home-cooking instructions to be found on the web. Anuphy’s blog let’s her give you an honest, intense look at the latest recipes and it’s super-easy to follow. She covers all of her personal cooking experiences on her blogs as well as offering reviews on the latest books and resources.

If you love Tandoori and vegetables, be sure to learn how to cook Anuphy’s Tandoori Masala. It follows on from an earlier post about how traditional Indian marinade can be put onto anything. You may already know that a commercial Tandoor is the oven that a restaurant uses to make the delicious Tandoori dishes. Anuphy shows you how to overcome the limitations of your home oven which likely only reaches 400 degrees by dicing cauliflower, marinating it and then baking it to perfection. Head over to her blog to learn this and other fantastic home cooking tips that let you recreate authentic Tandoori cooking in your own home.

3. Bombay Blonde


This is the latest up-and-coming blog out there for Indian food. It’s written by a former Yale professor of Hindi, Katherine Anne Good. She’s blogging about Indian food from her base in L.A. and is currently a full-time social media manager. Her blog links to an a treasure-trove of Pinterest boards full of the most amazing recipes such as Desi Tandoori Chicken that you’ll absolutely love..