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Staples Of Food In Kelowna Indian Restaurants

Indian food has several different common qualities, which are surprisingly not as well known as they should be. The food available in a Kelowna Indian restaurant is of extremely high quality, and delicious. However, you should know what it is you are eating before you get into the restaurant.



This is a staple and wildly considered the draw of Indian cuisine. The Tandoori method of cooking involves cooking food in a clay pot which is heated by charcoal. This method creates a unique flavor in marinated meats and vegetables.

It is most common to see Tandoori food cooked on a skewer, so that the cook can pull food out at precisely the correct time. In the Tandoor (the clay pot) temperatures can get extremely hot.

This makes cooking Tandoori style something very challenging to do correctly. However, when it is done correctly, it is mouthwatering.


Yogurt is another staple of Indian food. It is commonly used as a savory ingredient rather than a sweet one. This goes contrary to western thought, but it is a brilliant use of a versatile food. Plain yogurt can be bent to almost any taste, and is a unique consistency.

This makes yogurt marinades incredible. Most of the meats you eat at an Indian restaurant are marinated in a combination of yogurt and spices. Granted, you may never see the yogurt, but it is there. The unique thickness of yogurt makes it a wonderful marinade because of how easily it sticks to the meats.

This is not the only use for yogurt that you will find though. Dipping sauces are hugely popular in this type of food. This is particularly true of bread, which will be addressed shortly. Thin yogurt mixed with the right kinds of herbs and spices add another layer of depth to a flavor profile.



This is the first thing you should get in this kind of restaurant. Naan is a kind of flat bread that is extremely popular in eastern food. It is also one of the most versatile substances on the menu of a restaurant. It can be used as an appetizer, side dish, or even dessert.

Naan is a round type of bread that typically is brushed with a kind of butter after it is made. It can be made sweet, savory, or spicy. Typically there is a basket of these on a table before a meal starts.

This is where one of those yogurt dipping sauces can come in hand. Sometimes the naan is even made with some yogurt, as this adds a little fluffiness to the bread.

Be sure to try different kinds of naan as you eat. There will definitely be several different kinds on the menu, and they will all be drastically different from one another. Naan, much like yogurt, can be made to taste like almost anything. It can be a wonderful compliment to pick up meat with, or it can be nice all by itself. Just make sure to try something with spices you particularly enjoy..