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Perfect Meatless Indian Foods to Try Out

What comes into your mind when you think of Indian food? Spice, spice and more spice! Other than that, Indian cuisine can be actually quite diverse. These meals bring out the flavors splendidly in a way you will be craving for more. Let’s talk about vegan Indian food. They are easy to prepare, pleasing to the taste buds and you are left satisfied and loaded with a lot of nutrients. These dishes are ideal for an evening where you would prefer to just go out and enjoy a meal in an Indian buffet restaurant in Kelowna and relax. Let’s find out about meatless Indian dishes you can try.


Once or twice, you may have heard about this dish being mentioned by someone. Biryani is a traditional Indian meal of rice well cooked with several spices and vegetables such as onions, cardamoms, cinnamon, coriander, ginger, potatoes, carrots, cloves, cashew nuts, oil and salt to taste.  To make Biryani, you boil 2 cups of water and add salt. Add the rice; let it cook for about 4-5 minutes. Don’t let it cook completely. In a different pan oil is heated.

A chef adds cardamom, cinnamon and cloves and leave for a few moments. Then, cumin seeds, ginger-garlic paste and the vegetables are added. The chef keeps checking and mixing it regularly till the vegetables are a golden brown sheen. The Biryani masala is then added and allowed to cook till almost ready. Salt is added to taste and take it out of the cooker. Oil is sprayed in a large pot with a tight lid. Then all ingredients are mixed. This mixture is poured into the pot and baked for about 30 minutes. When taken out, it is left to cool the served when hot. This dish is well suitable for family gatherings and when hosting spice lovers.

Jeera vegetables

If you are into potatoes and vegetables, you have to try this. This dish is a mixture of potatoes, baby carrots, butter, olive oil, red chilli powder, garlic chilli paste, lemon juice, onions, coriander, jeera (an obvious ingredient) and cream to garnish. First, heat the oil and butter in a pan. Add the jeera, garlic chilli paste, potatoes and carrots. Let it cook for a while. Add some butter and cream then add the lime juice. Cook for a little while longer then take out of the cooker. Garnish with the cream, coriander and red chilli powder. It is spicy, health and easy to prepare. It is practically heaven on a bowl.

Mediterranean Watermelon Salad

Fruit lovers this is for you. You can use this salad as a dessert or to add a vitamin kick to your main meal.do not think for one minute that it does not require spices. This salad needs to be prepared using cubed watermelon pieces, bell peppers, mustard paste, oil, pistachios, onions, cucumber, pomegranate juice, jeera powder, oregano, lettuce, flax seeds salt and pepper. Pour the juice in the bowl then add mustard paste, salt, pepper, jeera powder and the oregano.

In a different bowl, add the watermelons, bell peppers, onions, cucumber, tomatoes and olives. Then add all the ingredients and mix them well. Serve chilled. This salad aids in your hydration. It is an awkward contrast but good for your health.

Pommes Gratin

This dish is an awesome brunch course choice or if you would like to treat yourself. It is an easy to make potato recipe. The ingredients are: butter, cream, cream, thyme, potatoes, cheese, salt and pepper. In a pan add the butter and cream. Add the thyme, garlic, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Let the butter reduce. Add the peeled, thin sliced potatoes and the cheese. Let butter decrease till thick and all potatoes are covered. Transfer to baking dish top with a little cheese and butter. Bake till cheese melts and turns golden brown.

Just thinking of all these dishes must be awakening your taste buds. They are all exemplary and nutritious. They are also good for family meals and while hosting. It is best to try out these dishes in an Indian restaurant where it receives favorable reviews, like our restaurant!