Sunday to Thursday: 11:15am - 9:45pm
Friday and Saturday: 11:15am - 10:30pm


1) Vegetable Samosa
Savory pastries with potato filling (2 per order) $4.25

2) Chicken Samosa
Thin pastry filled with minced chicken,mushrooms and deep fried $4.95

3) Vegatable Pakora
Deep fried fritters of garden fresh vegetable. $4.25

4) Fish Pakora
Fish marinated in yogurt,ginger,garlic,batter fried.. $7.95

5) Chicken Pakora
Spicy and sour chicken breast dipped in special batter and deep fried. $7.75

6) Paneer Poppers
Homemade cheese fingers dipped in special spicy batter and deep fried. $5.95

7) Assorted Snacks
Vegatable samosa,chicken samosa,fish pakora and vegetable pakora. $9.50

8) Curried Mussels
Fresh mussels sauteed in white garlic sauce wine and served with nan. $9.95

10) Chatt Papdi
A mouth watering mixture of crisps, potatoes in yogurt and tamaring sauce. $5.95

9) Vegetable Soup
Specially prepared vegatable soup. $4.25

11) Chicken Soup
Delivers Spiced Chicken Soup Made with Herbs. $5.25

13) Green Salad
Mixed with onions, cucumbers,tomatoes and tossed with special dressing. $3.95

14) Buddha Salad
Romaine lettuce tossed in our house dressing, with tomatoes, cucumber and paneer. $4.50

16) Tandoori Nan
A must for every meal! White leavened bread. $1.99

17) Butter Nan
White leavened bread with butter. $2.99

18) Onion Nan
White leavened bread baked with onions. $2.75

19) Garlic Nan
Perfectly spiced nan. $2.99

20) Prantha
Multi-layered flaky whole wheat bread. $2.99

21) Roti
Unleavened whole wheat bread. $1.75

23)Paneer Kulcha
Leavened bread stuffed with grated cottage cheese. $4.25

24) Potato Nan
Leavened bread stuffed with potatoes. $4.25

25) Assorted Bread Basket
Including potato nan,garlic nan,nan and roti. $8.95

Served with rice.

30) Tandoori Vegetables
Assorted vegetables marinated with authentic Indian spices and flamed in our clay oven. $12.95

31) Chicken Tandoori Saute
Half spring chicken marinated with authentic Indian flavours. $13.50

32) Tandoori Prawns
Jumbo Succulent prowns marinated and cooked in tandoor. $17.95

33) Lamb Malai Kabab Saute
Tender pieces of boneless lamb marinated in yogurt cream sauce and grilled in tandoor. $14.95

34) Chicken Kabab Tandoor Saute
Boneless chicken marinated with an assorment of spices and baked in tandoor. $13.95

35) Chicken heryali
Tender pieces of chicken breast marinated with fenu greek leaves,green coriander and cooked in tandoor. $13.95

36) Gilafi Shish Kabab
Beef minced on a skewer,broiled in tandoor and garnished with red,yellow and green peppers,Gilafi mealts in your mouth. Is’s the Royal Kabab. $13.95

37) Tandoori Fish
Fresh cod marianated in fresh spices and grilled in tandoor. $15.95

38) Paneer Tikka
Marinated homemade cheese,onions,green peppers cooked in tondoor $13.50

Served with nan or rice.

39) Chicken Palak
Chicken cooked with creamed spinach,garlic and cumin $12.95

40) Chicken curry
Chicken cooked with fresh ground spices covered with onion sauce $12.50

41) Chicken goa curry
Pieces of chicken simmered with coconut in a spicy curry sauce $13.95

42) Chicken makhni
Pieces of chicken,first seared in the tandoor oven,then braised in a tomato cream sauce $13.95

43) Chicken methi
Chicken pieces cooked with dry fenu greek leaves,garlica and special curry sauce $13.95

44) Chicken chili
Boneless chicken cooked with green pepper,onions,tomatoes,sweet and sour sauce and spices $12.95

45) Chicken lababdar
Chicken morsels marinated and grilled,cooked with chicken and vegetable stock $13.95

46) Chicken madras
Southern indian delicacy.chicken cooked with spicy mardas gravy $14.50

79) Chicken Korma
Boneless chicken cooked with cashew nut cream sauce $14.95

Served with nan or rice.

47) Lamb Masala
Boneless lamb cooked with onion sauce,fress tomatoes and mildely spiced $14.50

48) Lamb Chatpatta
Boneless lamb cooked in a yogurt curry with julian ginger papper,tomato,and cumin seed $14.50

49) Lamb Madras
A southern indian delicocy.lamb cooked with spicy madras gravy. $14.95

50) Lamb methi
Boneless lamb cooked with fenu greek leaves,garlic and special masala sauce. $14.50

51) Lamb curry
Boneless lamb cooked in an onion sauce with fresh ginger,garlic,tomatoes and spices. $13.95

52) Lamb tar korma
A traditional baby lamb karma flavoured with nutmeg,saffron and some indian spices cooked and simmered overnight in a mace and yogurt gravy. $14.95

53) Lamb palak
Lambcooked with creamed spinach,garlic and cumin $14.50

54) Lamb Makhini
Lamb cooked with creamy tomato sauce $14.95

Served with nan or rice.

55) Prawn jalfrazie
Jumbo prawns cooked with stir fried green peppers, onions and tomatoes in special source $14.95

56) Prawn Palak
prawn cooked with creamed spinach,garlic and cimin $14.50

57) Prawn Chatpatta
Jumbo prawns cooked in vogurt curry with julion ginger,tomato,green pepper and cumin seeds $14.95

58) Prawn Goa Curry
Jumbo prawns cooked in a unique blend of coconut creamand fresh cilantra $14.95

59)Fish Palak
Fish cooked with creamed spinach,gorlic and cumin $13.95

60) Fish Goa Curry
Fish cooked with a unique blend of cocunut, cream and fresh cilantro $14.95

61) Fish jalfrazie
Fish cooked with stir fried green pappers,onions and tomatoes in special sauce $14.50

62) Fish Curry
Fish cooked with fresh ground spices and covered with onion sauce $13.50

Served with nan or rice.

63) Tawa Chicken
Chicken marinated with tawa sauce and preapared on a tawa $13.95

64) Tawa Lamb
Lamb maritated with tawa sauce and prepared on a tawa $14.95

65) Tawa Paneer Takatuk
paneer maninated with tawa sauce and prepared on a tawa $13.50

66) Tawa Bhaji
Combination of vegetables prepared with a special tawa masala $13.50

Served with nan or rice, vegan dishes.

67) Vegetables Chatpatti
Mixed vegetables cooked with julian bell peppers, onions,tomatoes,ginger,cumin seeds and cooked in vogurt. $11.95

68) Vegetable Goa Curry
Vegetables cooked with a uniqueblend of coconut cream and fresh cilantra $12.95

69) Palak Paneer
Fresh spinoch pureed and cooked with paneer and fresh ground spices $11.95

70) Haribhari Sabzi
Assorted garden fresh vegetables cooked in chef’s special souce $11.95

71) Paneer Lababdar
A vegetarian dish made from indian cottage chees paneer labobdar is simmered in a rich gravy and flavoured with ajwain $12.95

72) Chilli paneer
Diced shallow cheese cooked with green pepper,onion,tomato,sweeet and souce and spices $12.95

73) Dal Makihni
Creamed sentils cooked with indian spices. $10.95

74) Baingan Bhartha
Whole egg plonts roasted on an open flame and peeled,then cooked with onion,gorlic and ginger. $11.95

75) Mushroom Green Peas Curry
Mushroom and green peas cooked with spices. $11.50

76) Zafrani kofta
Cottage cheese dumplings struff with raisraisins and saffran flavoured in almond and tomato gravy. $12.95

77) Potato and Cauliflower
Fresh cauliflower and potatoes cooked with fresh cariander,gingerand tomatoes. $11.95

83) Chana Masala
Traditionally cooked Chick-peas. $11.95

94) Vegetable Korma
Vegetables cooked with Indian spices in cashew nut sauce. $13.95

80) Tondoori Chicken pasta
Cooked with tomato and cream souce $15.95

81) vegetable pasta
Cooked with tomato and cream souce. $13.95

84) Basmati Rice
Basmati rice cooked in onions and their own aromatic flavour. Small :- 2.25 /Large :- $4.25

85) Mushroom and Green Peas Pulao
Basmit rice cooked with mushrooms and green peas. $6.95

86) Tarkari biryani
Basmati puloo cooked with vegetables and indian spices. $10.95

87) Chicken Biryani
Basmati rice cooked with chicken and indian spices,topped with nuts. $12.95

88) Lamb biryani
Basmati rice cooked with pieces of lamb and topped with nuts. $13.95

89) Prown Biryani
Basmati rice cooked with prawns,indian spices and topped with nuts. $14.95

90) Papadam
Spicy and crispy.(2 pieces). $1.75

91) Mixed Pickels
(Achar). $1.95

92) Raita
Refreshing homemade Yogurt. $2.25

93) Mango Chutney. $1.95