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Loving Vegetarian Indian Cuisine?


What does it meant to be a vegetarian? To be a vegetarian means to abstain from eating any kind of meat. Thus, a vegetarian’s diet would have to mainly consist of vegetables. Some vegetarians consider fruits and by-products as ‘okay’ for their dietary lifestyle. The following are some of the benefits of being vegetarian:

• Be more beautiful – It has been proven by a lot of people that going vegetarian really helps in maintaining one’s youth. Basing one’s diet on veggies that are rich in vitamins can help make the skin glow as well as improve the texture of the hair. Of course, everybody wants to look young. So if you want to look young, you might want to consider being a vegetarian.

• Shed off those pounds – Do you think that you can lose some weight? Well, being a vegetarian might help you! Vegetables do not contain fat and they are usually packed with enough energy to keep you going for the day. Vegetables also help make your stomach full quickly and this means that you would not have to eat a lot in order to feel satisfied.

• Boost your immune system – Vegetables are packed with Vitamin C. Vitamin C is important in building up your immune system. It cannot be obtained from meat sources. So if you consume a lot of vitamin C, you will not get so sick easily. You do not have to worry about filing sick leave at work and you do not have to worry about spending on expensive medications.

• Be a lot happier – Another benefit of being a vegetarian is that you get to be happier. So many people have testified that they have had easier time dealing with stress after shifting to vegetarianism. Vegetables are not that costly as well, and this means that you can help save up on your daily food budget. Who cannot be happy with that news?

Now, when it comes to cuisines around the world, there is one cuisine that has a lot of vegetarian dishes in it. This is no other than Indian cuisine. If you are a vegetarian, then you would definitely love Indian cuisine. You might want to check these amazing veggie entrees that Da Tandoor Fusion Indian Cuisine has to offer:

• Dahi Vegetables – This dish is one of our top entrees. It has various vegetables like bell peppers, ginger, onions, and others more cooked in delicious dahi, or commonly known as yogurt. In Indian cuisine, dahi is known to balance the palate

• Vegetable Goa Curry – Curry is a word that has been associated directly with Indian Cuisine. But the popular curry dishes are meat dishes. It is a good thing that you can also enjoy vegetable goa curry.

• Chili Paneer – Another favorite is the chili paneer. Paneer refers to diced cheese that is cooked with green pepper and other common spices in Indian cuisine. It is a popular dish in Northern India.

These are just some of the numerous dishes that you can try at Da Tandoor Fusion Indian Cuisine. You can visit us at 1687 Pandosy Street, Kelowna, BC for some of the best Indian dishes you can ever try!.