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Kelowna’s Best Restaurants for Diners

Kelowna is an interesting place to live and work in, partly because there are many great amenities you can take advantage of. One of these is the variety of dining facilities at your disposal. There are many different types of restaurants in Kelowna, making it easy for people with different palates to find restaurants that will suit them perfectly. Based on the quality of food, quality of service and the general reception by the patrons, some of the best dining places in Kelowna that you should definitely try include:

The Jammery for Pastries & Jam

The Jammery is defined as the first of its kind in the world, and is an excellent place to visit for people who love pastries. The facility comprises a jam production facility which uses real jam, a gift shop and a restaurant. The restaurant offers a wide variety of pastries including waffles topped with strawberry or four berry sauce and whipped cream. Breakfast and lunch are served at the restaurant. Some of the facility’s selling points include their excellent food characterized by the use of fresh ingredients, as well as a fast and friendly service.

The Salted Brick for Brisket Sandwiches

The Salted Brick is an eatery located in downtown Kelowna, and is well known for its house-cured meats. The brisket sandwich is one that you should definitely try; it features the house’s signature brisket topped with cheddar cheese and mustard. If you are a vegetarian, there is little choice for you as most of the dishes comprise some amount of animal product. However, for those who love brisket, this is a restaurant that you should definitely put in your bucket list for a visit one day.

Da Tandoor for Indian Delights

If you are interested in Asian cuisines, Indian food is one niche you cannot skip. Da Tandoor is arguably the best Indian restaurant in Kelowna, and with good reasons. In addition to having a wide variety of authentic Indian dishes, there are other fusion dishes which means that there are meals to suit every pallet. The restaurant is spacious and can accommodate entire families, and the décor is elegant. Whether you want a quick bite as an individual, a couple, family or for a business meeting, this is one of the best venues you can choose. It is definitely one of the best restaurants in Kelowna when you consider what you get for your money.

Kekuli Café for Canadian Aboriginal Cuisine

Kekuli Café is located on Louie Drive, Westbank. Some of the common dishes served here include burgers, tacos and sandwiches. It might seem wasteful to go out of town for these types of meals, but you will find them to be well worth it. They are very well made, using only fresh ingredients and evidently expert hands. An impressive feature of the café is the fact that they have inventive toppings, most of which you will never have encountered before.

The Bohemian Café & Catering Co. for Breakfast Wonders

This café is located in downtown Kelowna and has been in operation for nearly three decades. An impressive fact about it is that throughout this time, all the bread and bagels in the café are made fresh in-house every day, so you never get to have stale bread here. A signature dish you should try is the scrambled and folded egg on top of a bagel or their English muffins. The sausages and jam used here are hand made by the owners, so they are always distinctly fresh and flavorful.  The café also has a pleasing décor, making it the perfect venue for social gatherings.

Krafty Kitchen & Bar for Farm to Table Dining Experience

The restaurant is known to have great chicken dishes and pancakes, as well as a background of hip-hop music. If you are a fan of this genre, then you will definitely enjoy eating here since most of the dishes including the fried chicken and cabbage slaw are excellent, and the music will make it even better. If you aren’t a hip-hop fan, it is still possible to enjoy your meal while socializing with friends and family as the music is not so intrusive. The one thing all agree on is that the food is fresh and delicious, as the produce comes right from the farm to your dining table!