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Indian Chicken Dishes Everyone Will Love

Because of religious beliefs, many people in India do not eat meat, just like how others do not take pork. This makes chicken the best selling meat. Most of India’s most popular meals are chicken based. Listed below are some of the most popular chicken meals you can try in an Indian restaurant in Kelowna.

Tandoori Tikka Masala

One of the most well-known Indian foods, tandoori chicken is popular among people around the world. The advantage is that it easy to prepare. The name simply defines how it is cooked or clay oven or in a tandoor. After the chicken has been marinated and spiced, it is them threaded onto skewers, and then put into the tandoor to cook.
These ways of cooking need tandoor masala, a great Indian mix of turmeric powder and red chilis. This gives the tandoori chicken an amazing color.

Butter Chicken 

Not many individuals have heard about butter chicken. This is one of the most well-known Indian dishes. It is also referred to as chicken makhani and it makes a wonderful choice with kaali daal and naans. Butter chicken was introduced in the 1950s in Delhi, in the Mohi Mahal resort.

Chettinad Chicken 

This curry is simply spicy. However, you can request for less chilies to be added to meet your own taste. The spices are toasted and after that they are blended with garlic pastes and ginger to make a paste. Mixed with curry leaves and tomato, the chicken simmers till tender to make a delicious curry dish.

Chicken Tikka Masala 

Tikka means chunks bits or spices. Chicken tikka masala is a scrumptious dish where pre-marinated chicken is grilled and added to the thick, rich and creamy gravy. The marinade includes spices and yogurt. Gravy is a traditional combination of Indian spices or herbs and red onion and tomato with a little bit of cream to create a smooth finish.

Mughlai Chicken Biryani 

Mughlai Biryani is believed to be a good choice for kings but it is also a favorite for many people too! It is one of the perfect one-dish for a family or group. Consisting of lamb or chicken, rice, and other ingredients, Mughlai Chicken Biryani is a tasty layered dish.

Chicken Curry

One of the simplest dishes in chicken recipes but one of the tastiest. Although a lot of chicken curries have a natural cream, this recipe makes a thickening cream by milling the deep-fried onions right into a paste and mixing tomatoes with ginger pastes and garlic. Water is then added and the end of the process to balance the mixture.

Chicken Dhansak 

This is a great dish that remains fresh for long hours. It is made with goat or lamb but is equally delicious with chicken. It is a Persiand Gujarati menu mixed with lentils, vegetables, and meat. Never be worried about the many ingredients because many are spices used to make the masala powder.

Mughlai Chicken

The Mughlai chicken is cream gravy inspired from Central Asia and was introduced in India during the time of the Mughal dynasty. It is a good choice for special events. The only problem is it takes some time to prepare and special ingredients.

Chicken Cafreal

This scrumptious, tangy, warm dish is the Indian is the same of Portuguese way grilled chicken. It is a spicy hot dish where chicken is deep-fried traditionally, but you can grill it if you prefer. All you need to enjoy your chicken is a few ingredients such as chicken, garlic, lemon, chilies, and ginger.

Chicken Saagwala 

A curry dish prevalent in India, chicken Saagwala is a pan-fried chicken missed with spinach and spices. It is one of many healthier options in all Indian menus. You can enjoy chicken Saagwala with hot chapattis or rice.