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How To Choose The Perfect Indian Menu For Your Wedding Reception

So you’ve fallen in love with sumptuous food at your local Indian restaurant and who can blame you? It’s only natural that you want to find as many excuses to visit again as you can! Whether it’s the soft, crisp Nan bread cooked to perfection on sides of the Tandoor, or the melt-in-your-mouth chicken tikka masala, there’s something about Indian cuisine that suits every occasion. It’s a great choice for a wedding reception and the only problem is choosing what not to offer your guests. Here’s your guide to choosing the perfect Indian menu for your wedding reception.

What Type Of Reception Will You Have?


Whether you would like a traditional sit-down meal or a more modern cocktail party, Indian cuisine is versatile enough to match any type of reception. As so many dishes are vegetarian you’ll have less issues catering to people with dietary restrictions. Here are the types of receptions you might choose and the sorts of items you might like to include on your menu.

• Sit-Down Meal: This traditional format is usually appreciated by guests as it gives them a chance to enjoy the company as well as the food. You can choose traditional chicken curry dishes, with sides such as cauliflower and potato curry, tomato raita, papadams and stuffed aborigines. Apple halva, pineapple pudding or Indian bread pudding would round the meal off nicely.

• Cocktail Party: To make it easy for your guests to eat, you could choose finger food such as vegetable samosas and a range of traditional dips such as chutney.

• A Picnic Or Cake Cutting: Some couples choose to do away with the formalities and go for a picnic or simply have some food after they have cut the cake. In these situations, you’ll likely want to shy away from full curried dishes. Your guests can still enjoy the traditional taste of masala with a char grilled tikka masala salad or a mint cucumber salad; these dishes would go down well for a picnic.

What’s Your Budget?

Once you have settled on the type of reception you want, your ideas for the menu can stay pretty much intact. Your budget will put constraints on whether you out-source your menu ideas to a catering firm, rely on the help of willing friends of family, or order your meal from your favourite local Indian restaurant. Here is a more detailed look at your options;

• DIY: If you have friends or family members willing to cook for your reception, this can really help drive down the costs. There’s no reason the food won’t be delicious but it’s always worth having a trial-run to test whether you can pull it off for guests.

• Catering Firm: This is the cheapest route to serving a large group of guests and it does give everyone a chance to relax. The only issue is the standard of the food; it may not be cooked traditionally and may be a poor imitation of your favorite dishes.

• Restaurant Catering: If your local Indian restaurant will cater your wedding, that’s great! You are guaranteed to have the perfect food served exactly as it should be. If you are still stuck for menu ideas, the restaurant will help..