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Five Indian Dishes You Must Try

If you are dining at an Indian restaurant, then there are often so many delicious dishes available on the menu that it can be a tricky task to know what to order. If there is a group of you, then the best way to do it is to order a selection of dishes that you can all share. This will provide you with a more authentic way to sample Indian food, plus you get to try a little bit of everything. This article takes a look at five Indian dishes that you should try next time you visit an Indian restaurant.

Tandoor Dishes


A tandoor refers to a traditional clay or metal oven which is used to cook meats, cheese and vegetables at a high temperature. The tandoor provides a unique cooking method which helps to give ingredients a smoky and delicious flavour. No Indian meal is complete without sampling a tandoor cooked meal. There are a large selection of tandoori meals which can suit all tastes. Vegetarians can opt for tandoori vegetables which are cooked with authentic Indian spices. Chicken, prawn and lamb tandoor are also popular dishes. Make sure that you check the spiciness of the dish to so you know that it is served to your tastes.


Paneer is a type of cheese which is made by curdling fresh milk with lemon juice and vinegar. It is a textured cheese which has a creamy and delicious taste to it. Vegetarians can order paneer entree dishes, such as the mouthwateringly good chili paneer. You can also order a paneer appetizer, such as paneer poppers which are deep fried paneer fingers that are served with a dipping sauce.

Nan Bread

Indian food features a selection of delicious home cooked breads which are often cooked in the tandoor. No meal is complete without a naan bread or two. Popular types of nan bread include butter nans, garlic nans and onion nans.


It is a good idea to order several curries for your entrees. Curries will range from mild to spicy. Some popular choices include a Goa curry which has a coconut spicy curry sauce. A palak curry had creamed spinach. garlic and cumin in it, while methi is a curry that uses dry fenugreek leaves and garlic to make a lovely curry sauce. Curries are typically served with lamb or chicken in them although plenty of vegetarian options are also available.

Popadoms and Sauces

Popadoms and sauces are designed to be eaten at the start of the meal. Poppadoms are a type of thin, flat crisp bread which is made from black gram flour. Some sauces that you may want to dip them in include mango chutney, mixed pickles and raita. Raita is a type of homemade yoghurt which is also good for cooling the mouth after eating a hot curry.

If you are still stuck on what to order then you can also ask your server for recommendations. They will be able to suggest some of the house signatures and dishes that they think you will love. Enjoy!.