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Excite Your Taste Buds With The Colorful Taste Of Indian Cuisine!


If you love food that are cooked with generous doses of spices, you might want to try out what Indian cuisine has to offer. Their dishes are equally appealing in their visual presentation and their taste – you know that feeling when you see something and you know instantly that it is going to taste as nice as it looks – and you can be sure that you will never get sick of a single dish as there are wide variety of recipes, that are each served differently from one restaurant to another. Sometimes, enjoying Indian food is more than just placing food in your mouth to chew and swallow. Understanding a few intricacies of what it is about, makes it an even more fulfilling culinary experience!

The use of spices to create a taste you will never forget

They believe in strong flavor foods and they use spices to enhance its aroma and taste. The interesting thing is that they don’t only use it on main dishes such as their curry dishes, vegetables, meat or the famous Briyani dishes. Spices are also used in preparing rice, drinks, sweets and desserts! If you had tried one of their sweet delicacies before, the moment you sink your teeth in one, you would know how rich, thick and flavorful each bite is. Some of the spices that are commonly used are: Mint leaves, garlic, dried chilies, black pepper, coriander seeds, cloves, cinnamon and turmeric. The list goes on to be so extensive that this article can’t hold all of them in!

More than just an apple that keeps a doctor away

Trying to enhance the taste of food is just one of the uses of the above spices, one of the other reasons on why spices are widely used in their food preparations is because they each possess some sort of medicinal quality that can improve one’s overall health or well-being if it is consumed in moderation. Since spices are known for their spicy effects, I would suggest that you avoid the excessive consumption of anything that is considered as “heaty” – if you can handle it, by all means go ahead! – especially during summer season. You can instead try to make good use of it during Winter, when you might catch a cold. Try out something called a spiced tea or Masala Chai. It is a sugarless milk tea with a spice of your choice such as ginger.

Food prepared with special cookware

It is not just any pots and pans that can suffice the cooking requirements of what Indian food demands. A combination of skill, cooking method and choice of cookware will affect how the fish will taste like in the end. For example, their slow cooked foods are cooked in a special clay oven called a Tandoor and that creates a unique aroma and texture to whatever’s cooked inside. Turning up the cooking flame to the highest is simply not enough to cook a delicious Indian dish.

Hence, the next time you make a trip down to an Indian restaurant, take your time to savor the food without rushing into it!