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Cooking Tips For Healthy And Tasty Indian Cuisine

Many people love the taste of Indian cooking, but unfortunately, there is the common misconception that the food is not very healthy. The fact that the food is usually cooked in fat and contains different spices and ingredients has led to this wrong belief. The fact is that Indian cuisine is actually very nutritious and it is versatile enough to allow people to choose the ingredients that they love. For those who think that the food is too hot and spicy, most dishes can be prepared to cater for different tastes.


The typical Indian meal

Most Indian meals contain several dishes including rice, vegetables, lentils and whole meal breads. These foods are some of the healthy options that make Indian cuisine one of the healthiest meal options. If you are concerned about the nutritional value of the food that you eat, you can find Indian food recipes that are healthy and tasty. Making healthy food is not difficult but you should be careful about the amount of salt and fat that you use.

• Oil for healthy cooking

The minimal use of cooking oil has health benefits especially when you choose the right oil. If you are worried about too much oil, choose stir-fried or pan-fried dishes instead of deep-frying. It also helps to use non-stick cookware that helps to limit oil usage. Sunflower, coconut, rapeseed and olive oil are great for cooking healthy meals and they work well with most spices. Use very little ghee and butter, and choose breads and dishes that do not need frying.

• Reducing the fat content

When preparing dishes that call for the use of cream, you can substitute this with low fat yoghurt. This works great for most curries and you do not have to compromise on the taste. You can also make it a habit to eat plenty of fruits, lentils and green vegetables. Snack on nuts instead of the common deep fried foods like pakoras and bhajias. Some people opt for tofu in place of paneer cheese and while this will affect the taste, it is a healthier option.

• Choose Tandoori grilling

One of the best ways to prepare Indian dishes is using the tandoor oven. Very little oil is used when grilling the dishes and the results are often very tasty. Use less coconut milk for cooking and instead use poppy seed or cashew nut paste. It is, however, important to note that coconut products have many health benefits and you should not do away with the ingredient all together. Grilling or baking dishes is healthier than frying and there are many recipes that can be prepared through these cooking methods.

• Using whole meal flour

When preparing breads such as chappatis, parathas and naan, use whole meal flour instead of plain white floor. This will create healthier breads that are just as tasty. You should also use brown basmati rice in place of regular white rice.

When eating out, make sure that you look for an authentic Indian restaurant where you can get the best Indian food and dining experience.