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Boost Your Health With These Indian Food Ingredients!

It is an indisputable fact that what you eat ends up affecting many aspects of your life, most importantly your health and the state of your body organs such as your skin and hair. People who usually look fit and healthy don’t only attribute this to exercise and regular physical activity, what they eat also plays a major role. Indian food can go a long way in promoting this. The vast majority of Indian cuisines make use of generous amounts of spices which not only flavor the food, but which also have a positive long term effect on your health. Some of these spices include:


Ginger can be found in varying amounts in most Indian dishes. Ginger can be very strong, and in some cuisines, it can be used as the main flavor. However, some Indian cuisine recipes also call for the use of small quantities of ginger so you don’t end up tasting a lot of it. Either way, ingesting ginger is a good thing, since it has been used as medication for a long time.

Today, research shows that ginger has multiple benefits including being a natural diuretic, pain reliever and an inhibitor of cancer cell growth. In addition to that, it also lowers cholesterol and is very good at reducing nausea. Whether you are feeling under the weather or just want a hearty meal, consider ordering one that has ginger as the main ingredient and you will likely benefit from all the above, particularly if you have the meal regularly.



Coriander is generally used together with cumin when cooking Indian dishes. It adds a hint of citrus as well as some texture to most sauces. Some of the noted health effects of coriander include lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, aids in digestion, is rich in iron and can also relieve diarrhea. Coriander is also notable as an antifungal agent.


Chickpeas are very common ingredients in Indian dishes, and are gaining popularity all around the world as components of other cuisines too. They are high in nutrients, particularly magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, selenium and iron. Some of the studied medical benefits of eating chickpeas regularly include amelioration of digestive function, reducing the risk of coronary disease and aids in diabetes control. They also lower cholesterol and are very good at easing constipation.


Turmeric is a ubiquitous ingredient in many Indian dishes. The fact that it is not an animal product means that even vegans can enjoy food spiced using turmeric. In addition to that, there are very few people who have allergies towards turmeric, so basically anyone can enjoy food that has it. This is one spice that has received a lot of attention in the scientific world in the recent past, due to its potential to boost brain function, thus potentially preventing the onset of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Turmeric also has a high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, which will definitely benefit most people who are used to modern diets. The fact that most Indian foods contain turmeric means that whatever you order, chances are that you will be taking advantage of all these health benefits.

These are just some of the common ingredients you will find in Indian cuisine, as well as the medical benefits you will reap from them. As you can see, there is more to it than great taste when it comes to trying out genuine Indian food; you also end up with much better health overall. It’s easy to find a Kelowna Indian restaurant serving affordable meals, so you don’t even have to break the bank to benefit from all the above. Rather than going for fast food, consider trying out different Indian dishes since it will not cost you much more. You will end up much healthier than before!