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7 Health Benefits Of Prawn Dishes


At Da Tandoor Fusion Indian Cuisine, we offer four delicious prawn-based dishes that you would definitely love. These are prawn jailfrazie, prawn palak, prawn dahiwala, and prawn goa curry. Prawn-based dishes are very common in Indian cuisine especially since most people in India prefer to eat seafood and vegetables instead of meat. Now, it would be interesting to know what health benefits one can get from eating prawns. Here are those benefits:

• Prawn is good for the heart – A person with a healthy heart is a happy person. It is a good thing that prawn can help you have a healthy heart. This is because prawn, like most seafood, is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids prevent the heart from suffering from various diseases as well as improve cardiovascular circulation.

• Prawn helps build strong bones – Who could have guessed that calcium can be obtained from seafood? Calcium is needed by the body in order to improve bone structure. If you want strong bones as well as strong teeth, then you would need a lot of calcium. Calcium is also needed most especially by growing teens. It is a good thing that prawns can provide that.

• Prawn is rich in vitamin B12 – Another good thing about prawns is that they are rich in vitamin B12. It is important for the body to get adequate amounts of vitamin B12. The slightest deficiency of this vitamin can lead to various problems including extreme fatigue, anemia, and even depression. Long term deficiencies have even been proven to result to brain damage.

• Prawn helps build muscles – You need well-built muscles if you want to perform numerous physical tasks. And what the body needs to build muscles is protein. Prawns have adequate amounts of protein. The good thing about prawns being sources of protein is that they are low in carbs unlike other protein sources. There is 17.0 g worth of protein for every 100g of prawn.

• Prawn helps prevent cancer – Most deaths in the world are caused by the Big C, cancer. That is why every person must be very particular about what he eats. It is important to eat foods that fight cancer. Well, prawn is one of those foods that help prevent cancer. It is rich in selenium, a content which prevent cancer cells from growing.

• Prawn can help with youthfulness – It is important to stay as younger-looking as possible. You do not want to be mistaken for a person older than your age, do you? Well, vitamin E obtained from prawn can help you have better-looking skin. Skin that looks smooth and fair is a sign of beauty. Vitamin E has also been proven to prevent wrinkles.

• Prawn helps fight Alzheimer’s disease – Alzheimer’s disease is one of those terrible diseases that the elderly are fighting today. Having someone in the family with Alzheimer’s disease is terrible. They are not really the same since they do not know you anymore. The fatty acids obtained from eating prawn can help delay Alzheimer’s disease from striking.

These are the different health benefits that you can get from eating prawn. What are you waiting for? Try out the dishes offered at Da Tandoor Fusion Indian Cuisine where the prawns are celebrated!.