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5 Delicious Indian Appetizers You Have To Order At Any Indian Restaurant

Appetizers are supposed to whet your appetite and prepare the diner for the main course. It is something that is served quickly after the order has been placed. The diner can consume the appetizer while waiting for his or her main course to arrive. Indian appetizers are delicious and contains a wide burst of flavors. Indian appetizers are prepared in a variety of ways such as frying, grilling, roasting and baking. Be it hot or cold, here are the top 5 delicious Indian Appetizers that you definitely have to order during your next meal!

Vegetable samosas


Vegetable samosas are a delicious pastry with a savory or spicy filling within. The fillings for vegetable samosas often contain potatoes or other vegetables such as peas, onions or lentils while normal samosas may contain chicken. Vegetable samosas are triangular in shape and are usually deep fried. They may also be baked as a healthier alternative. Often served as an appetizer, vegetable samosas are very common and popular all around the world, especially in India! They are also inexpensive and quick to make if one craves it in their homes.

Chicken pakora

Chicken pakora is a fried snack or fritter that is very common in India, but there are no restrictions to its availability and it can be found all over the world in different variations too. Chicken pakora consists of chicken as well as onion, potato, cauliflower or other fillers. The mixture is then covered in batter and then deep-fried. The result is a crunchy fritter with delicious fillings! There are other types of pakora such as vegetarian pakoras that are made out of spinach. Chicken pakora is an appetizer that is commonly ordered in Indian restaurants.

Paneer poppers

Paneer poppers are a popular Indian appetizer. They are usually made of cheese fingers that are coated with a spicy batter. After receiving a generous amount of spicy coat, the popper is then deep fried with a loud sizzle! These poppers are very addictive and are popular among both children and adults. The end result will be a spicy, crispy and salty crunch of cheese and batter that will leave the diner wanting for more. It is no wonder poppers are commonly ordered as they are easy to prepare.

Onion vada

Onion vadas are a simple yet popular appetizer. Spices, curry leaves, salt, chili, ginger and flour are combined with water to form its batter. The onion is then chopped into rings and dipped into the batter which is then deep fried. The result is an onion vada with a crunchy exterior with a salty and spicy taste that is irresistible to many!

Crab cakes

Crab cakes are popular all over the world and also in India. Indian crab cakes have a spicy twist to them. They consist of crab meat, potatoes, sugar, salt, chili powder, curry powder and spices. It is then mixed and rolled into a ball and flattened. Last but not least, it is also covered in bread crumbs and then deep fried. Diners are in for a treat that is sweet, salty and crunchy!