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4 Great Ways to Make Your Loved One Feel Extra Special on a Special Day


If you have ever forgotten a loved one’s birthday, or even worse, an anniversary, you will understand the fallout that can follow. Therefore, you will probably need a few ways to either smooth over any ripples of the day, or magically have them forgotten about. Here are a few improvements on tried and trusted ways to impress your loved one on her special day.


This is an obvious choice for a birthday or anniversary, but you will want to make your flowers extra special. Having them delivered to a place of work is always a show stopper, but there are other ways to make them extra special too. Send a bouquet with her favorite flowers, but also chose flowers that have meaning either because of a smell or the because of the use of the flower. A hand written card explaining why you chose the flowers is the perfect way to top it off.


If you are going to use chocolates to appease a loved one, make sure they are not on a diet, or that they will break it for this special treat. Choice is everything here, and the more exclusive the chocolate the better. Try to find a confectioner that makes their own chocolate as the personal touch is always a bonus; otherwise, make sure that the chocolates are her favorite flavors. If your loved one really enjoys chocolate you could even have a chocolate fondue and try dipping various fruits, marshmallows etc.

Special Gift

All through the year I am listening to my wife’s little hints at gifts she would like to receive, and when I need to buy something special I already know what I need. I will have the gift professionally wrapped and hand delivered to our door at a prescribed time. When the doorbell rings I will conveniently be otherwise occupied, and I will leave my wife to answer it. As she opens her hand delivered gift you can actually see the anticipation on her face. My wife loves this little act of ours, and I swear she would want this no other way.

Favorite Restaurant

Being friendly with the owner of your wife’s favorite restaurantis always a great idea for special occasions, and can help you to arrangea special occasion. Ring your partner at work and let her know that you have booked a special treat for her later; and that she needs to be ready for a night out. This leads to hours of anticipation as she wonders about the evening. The night would start with us enjoying her favorite meal at the best Indian restaurant in town, where Iwould have organized a private singer or a special welcome from the staff as we entered. After the delicious meal we could indulge in succulent Indian desserts until sated; leaving the night to be finished off at a favorite nightspot.

In all honesty, I would do these things for my wifeanyway. They are things that make my special lady feel great, and rushing around organizing these things is the icing on the cake.These are little things, but they show I care enough to make the effort; and all she wants is for me to car...