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4 Delicious Side Dishes In Indian Cuisine

What dish crosses your mind when you think of Indian cuisine? You might be thinking of chicken curry, tandoori chicken, chicken palak, or any other delicious Indian dish. Well, there is an abundance of tasty treats in Indian cuisine. It is impossible not to get out of an Indian cuisine restaurant without having a full stomach. Well, take note that the most popular Indian cuisine entrees can be better enjoyed with the following side dishes:

Tandoori Bread


Tandoori bread is definitely the most popular side dish out there. You cannot eat at an Indian restaurant without giving this a try. The taste of bread cooked in a clay oven is definitely something to crave for. Tandoor is sometimes dipped in various condiments for extra flavor. Tandoori bread is best eaten with tandoori chicken, curry, and other popular dishes in Indian cuisine. Not only can the tandoori bread be served as a side dish but it is a popular appetizer as well. There are even some who have this for dessert.


Another one of those best side dishes in Indian cuisine is papadam or papadum. It is known with various names throughout India. This food is made from urad flour. It is shaped into a thin disc and is fried to crispy perfection. SInce this food is known throughout India, its flour is made with various varieties. Instead of urad flour, flour is sometimes made from rice, potato, chickpeas, and lentils. Papadams are usually served with toppings. Some of the best toppings include onions, carrots, and chutneys. Of course, these tasty fried doughs can be enjoyed with a variety of dips and condiments.


Also another side dish to try out is the raita. It is a yogurt dish seasoned with different types of spices like coriander, mint, cumin, cayenne pepper, and the likes. Sometimes, this dish is mixed with black mustard. Unlike other Indian dishes, the raita is best served chilled. It is often used to cool the tongue after consuming very hot and spicy dishes. That is why it is the perfect side dish to dishes like the Biryani, Pulav, and Seekh kabab. There are three main raita categories that stand out based on ingredients. These are the vegetable raita, the pusles raita, and the fruit raita.

Mango Chutney

Mango chutney is very delicious especially during mango harvest season in India when the mangoes are very fresh. To make this dish, mango is processed with mortar and pestle among other ingredients.There are a number of methods in making mango chutney. These methods are about as numerous as the number of chutney varieties in the Indian cuisine. This means that there is no standard taste or standard preparation method for chutney. Different types of mango are used. Sometimes they are used raw and sometimes they are used ripe.

Make sure you order these side dishes the next time you eat at an Indian cuisine restaurant. Well, if you are looking for a place where you can get amazing and very tasty Indian food, you can always consider Da Tandoor Fusion Indian Cuisine.