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4 Alternative Dining Venues to Enjoy Your Food

Everybody loves to go out for a meal and dine in a nice restaurant, but occasionally it is good to have a change from the standard restaurant scene. If you look hard enough, it is possible to find unusual cuisines and setting to enjoy while you are out eating. Below I have listed a few of the more extreme dining experiences that you can find around the world.

Dinner in the Sky

This is more of an event than a restaurant, but you can participate in 15 countries including Canadaand America. The dining area is suspended 50 meters up from a crane, and 22 people can be catered for by the chef and waiter. There is even an entertainer suspended with you, just in case the food is not enough to keep your mind off the lofty situation. If you enjoy an adventurous meal then this is the dining event for you.

The Kayabukiya Tavern

If you don’t mind the waiters monkeying around when you have your meal, then theKayabukiya tavern is the place for you. This Japanese tavern employs two macaque monkeys to help with serving the food and drink, and customers claim they are better than previous staff at the sake house. Yat-chan and Fuku-chan only work two hour shifts because of animal rights, but the owner is already training other monkeys to take drinks orders.

O Noir


Eat in the dark restaurants have started to open all over the world, and O Noir, based in Canada, is just one of them. The idea is that eating in total darkness makes the other senses become heightened, because you cannot see. Your taste and smell become more sensitive, meaning greater appreciation for the food. All members of the waiting staff are blind, and this exposure to the dark helps us understand the difficulties of those that have impaired sight. You could even order for each other, and see if you can guess the flavors in your meal; this adds even more fun to the meal.

Fiesta Fishing Village

If you like to mix food with a bit a relaxing fishing, then this should be restaurant you visit. The restaurant has an indoor fishing pond where you can catch fish to eat, or just fish for fun while dining on other types of food. Fishing poles and bait are supplied, so all you need to bring is the money for the experience. To add a bit of fun to proceedings, the fish are tagged with numbers and customers can win prizes according to the number on the fish they catch. This particular restaurant is Korean, but it is found in Cagayan de Oro City in the Philippines; but other similar restaurants can be found around the world to feed your love of fishing and eating.

These four examples show the diversity of eating experiences that are possible, and that spicing up a meal doesn’t necessarily mean adding chilies. They also show how the venue can add to the dining experience, and add a flavor of the unusual.