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3 Ways To Fire Up Your Office’s Christmas Party With Indian Food


Are you in charge of planning your office’s Christmas party this year? Perhaps, as the owner, you’re the unfortunate person tasked with writing the cheques! Either way, Indian food is the perfect way to fire up the festivities without offending any of your vegetarian colleagues or employees! Here are three ways to go about it.

Tip #1. Outsource The Catering

Many offices choose to have their party either on their premises or in a hired hall or conference center. In this case, hiring a catering firm to provide Indian food is the simplest, lowest cost option but it won’t get the same delicious cuisine that you are used to from your local Indian restaurant. Call up local catering firms to enquire about their catering but ensure that you verify the type of catering. Most caterers will offer one of the following.

• Large foil trays of pre-cooked food

• Full service options with serving dishes, cutlery and utensils including staff

• Both of the above plus on-site cooking of fresh items such as nan bread.

Tip #2. Nail Your Menu With The Latest Apps

Whether you are using Apple, Android or Windows, you can be sure to find great apps that let you find the best Indian restaurants in your area. Even if your budget doesn’t stretch to hiring the restaurants to do the catering, you can still get awesome ideas for your Christmas party menu. For example, MenuPages gives you up to date restaurant menus and reviews of places in your area. It also gives you detailed information about the menus offered by each establishment. Looking at the menus offered by leading Indian chefs in your area will give you some great ideas for your office Christmas party this year. Try to include vegetarian and vegan options so that everyone at the party with special dietary requirements will appreciate that there is something to their liking. If your budget is tight, simply use the menu ideas to inform the catering firm you hire.

Tip #3. Hire A Specialist Indian Catering Firm

If you budget can stretch to it, Indian food from a specialist catering firm gives the best blend of catering and banqueting services. These firms blend a range of expertise across all aspects of the catering experience. They will usually pre-cook and prepare all the required food on their premises and then deliver it to the venue of your Christmas party. Once there, the firm’s chefs use portable equipment to finish cooking the dishes before serving them.

Tip #4. A Local Indian Restaurant: The Perfect Compromise?

Indian catering firms might be outside the budget of most Christmas parties. Luckily, many local Indian restaurants have the skills and expertise to deliver a similar level of catering quality with the same quality of food. These restaurants have contacts with local personnel firms that let them provide skilled, trained service staff to help prepare and serve the food during the party if you wish. Contact your local restaurant today and see how reasonable their catering rates are!.